Sketsa is only getting better

Sketsa 3.1 is now out and comes with many important improvements. I have watched the development of this excellent SVG editor over the last couple of months and I must say that the developers from Kiyut never failed to impress me.

First of all, Sketsa is the most standard friendly SVG editor I have worked with. I use it to post-process UML diagrams exported by uml2svg and Sketsa is the only tool that rises to this challenge. But, even though it has made a good impression on me right from the start, there were still some problems that needed to be fixed, like the poor support for grouping and several glitches with text handling. What I did was to provide constant feedback on the areas that needed improvement and is was a pleasure to find out that the developers of Sketsa are very receptive to suggestions, they have a tendency to respond fast and fix things right away.

The new Sketsa 3.1 comes with much better support for ungrouping, an enhanced DOM Editor, a more accurate Lasso Tool, and many other improvements. If you are serious about SVG editing you should give it a try.


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