First Day of School (Tomorrow)

The inevitable is about to happen: tomorrow is the first day of school. We knew that this had to happen some day but we were still hoping …

OK, so what will happen tomorrow? At nine o’clock we have a special presentation lecture held by the professors of the Computer Science department. Every professor will present the lectures he will teach this semester so this will be very interesting when still in doubt about the lectures one will chose. Here are the lectures I want to take:

  • Software Engineering – Zeller and Hertel (9Cr)
  • Semantics – Smolka (9Cr)
  • Paralel and Distributed Programming – Reinhard (6Cr)
  • Data Stream Processing Seminar – Koch and Olteanu (8Cr)
  • Soft Skills Seminar – Meyer-Ross (4Cr)
  • German – NN (6Cr)

At first I was thinking of transfering some of the credits from Romania in order to make the first semester more easily digestible. However after thinking a little more I decided to do all my credits here. The thing is that it is not that hard to do 90 credits in two semesters and I hope learn a lot in the process. Should it be to hard I can always return to this decision …


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