How to Start Your Own Business?

Probably all people ask themselves this question at some point in life, but most of them never get to find out an answer to it. Of course that the large majority of start-ups eventually fail, but why does risk impede most people to try? I think that being scared and dismissing great opportunities that involve high risks is probably a lot worse than trying and eventually failing.

Alan Kay has a famous quote I always liked: If you don’t fail at least 90 percent of the time, you’re not aiming high enough. Every time I listen to it my heart fills with courage. This summer, before being admitted in Saarbrücken, I was more than ever ready to take whatever risk it takes to achieve my goals. I think it is because of the age (23) that I feel that I don’t have anything to loose and sooner or later I will probably dive in.

For now though all I do is to learn how to start up my own business by taking the Existenzgründung lecture.

Here are some essays by Paul Graham that I found inspiring:


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