The Little Guy Is Sick

The Battery of my two days old MacBook just died this morning. I was using it without the power cord, when it turned off for no apparent reason. Tried to restart it but it didn’t work, until I connected it to the power cord. Now it works with the power cord but the battery is not charging, and if I remove the power cord it just turns off. Tried to play with the battery a little but without any success.

Next week is a very full one for me so this was the last thing I needed. However I will try to contanct an Apple service representative to see what needs to be done.


One Response to The Little Guy Is Sick

  1. […] Enrique (my MacBook) is experiencing random shutdowns, like many others do, and it’s not the first time he is sick. It happened yesterday and today morning a couple of times. I think it’s because he doesn’t like to work so much as I do, or he just hates mornings. If he still keeps misbehaving like this I’m going to take him back to the Apple Store while I’m in vacation so that they give him a lesson. However, until then we have a deadline for the Google SOC and I really need it’s help on this. […]

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