Birthday Wishlist

  • Love, friendship, health, peace, freedom and open source
  • Laptop Backpack — preferably blue or black and well padded
  • Wine Glasses — for good white wine … not Riesling
  • Biking Sunglasses — for size XL head
  • Biking Gloves — size M
  • Apartment Plant — that does not need any water … cactus?!
  • Pencil — see Michaela’s suggestions or ask Moritz
  • Hairbrush — soft; not for dogs

5 Responses to Birthday Wishlist

  1. Michaela says:

    Are you sure about your choice “Rotring Tikky II 0.5”?
    In my opinion a good pencil should be heavier. And it should have thick mines and a device where you can roll (not push) in order to get the mine out.

    Perhaps you should talk to Moritz who is an expert concerning pencils. I the last 18 months he bought 3 pencils and additionally got 2 pencils as presents from his familiy. The problem was not that those pencils were bad ones or that they broke down. Moritz simply found better pencils.

    Don’t forget that the choice of a pencil might influence your academic career!

  2. irina ioana says:

    Wow, gosh, Cata, i never knew you were so materialistic =))

    ..and i was thinking of smth original. Then i hope we wont need to get what is on the wishlist and still make you happy. A surprise is always a plus.

    PS give the laptop’s size for the backpack, they come in different “shapes&sizes”.
    PPS I wish you were a hippie. Sigh. Invite Lala& Zali?

  3. hritcu says:

    Disclaimer: This list is not supposed to discourage your creativity, stifle innovation or make you feel bad about yourself and/or your wonderful present. It it just a more elaborate answer to all the “What would you like for your birthday?” questions. However, feel free to surprise me with everything you like, if you like — being my friend is a good enough present anyway 🙂

  4. Roxana says:

    “Hairbrush — soft, for long hair” – for you or for dog 🙂 ?
    And a suggestion: register your gift wishlist at Karstadt so that each of us can check the purchased items and avoid double presents:P

  5. hritcu says:

    I know online shops like Amazon had this wishlist thing … Karstadt … i don’t know.

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