Nice Commercials

Apple: Intel Mac

EDS: Herding Cats

EDS: Airplane

EDS: Running with the Squirrels

EDS: Suki

Degree: Stunt City

MasterCard: Blowjob

Berlitz:We Are Sinking

Monthly Breast Self Exam

Adidas: He’s got the whole world

Swiss Mobiliar – Collection

Heineken – About the beer

The Guardian: Euro 2004

Ursus Please Don’t Go
More for Bribes, Christmas Time, City Pets, Crazy Dog Park, Deliveries, Tabby Cat

Dove: Campaign for Real Beauty

Trunk Monkey

Brille notig? Ihr Optiker.

Ikea: Get away

Nike: Run

Nomad: Le portable sans engagement

Nintendo: GB Micro Commercial

XBox: Play More

XBox: Standoff

Pepsi vs. Cola

United Airlines


Orange: Obox

Anti-boredom Campaign

Green King IPA

Sky Football: Dog Rescue

Mecanica fina, Bucuresti, 1977

Parson’s Training Center: Get In shape

Nokia: Cat

Axe: Because you never know when (More)

Peugeot 206: India


Butterfinger: True Love

Toyota: RAV4

Mountain Dew: Bohemian Rhapsody


2 Responses to Nice Commercials

  1. Tijned says:

    always wondered why they don’t use those commercials in europe. They are fun and it’s even a good way to sell products.

  2. kalina says:

    wow! well done! huge collection !!!

    check – a nice selection of shorts, advertisement, TV commercial, 3D, animation

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