Broken Heart

Some days ago I was so disappointed and sad, that life made no sense any more. It was after I was told by the girl I like so much, that we should only stay friends. Everything seemed to be so right, I had so much hope, and it only took a couple of words to make it all die. And if this would have been the first time I am told this, then it would have been somehow easier to think that I have learned something out of this, and move on. Since this has happened a lot of times before, I felt alone and useless. I thought that I will never find someone who can love me, someone who doesn’t just think of me as just another nice guy. In love, I only knew pain and suffering. Failing, even many times, is something I can accept. But always failing … I felt like the stupidest person on the face of earth, and smiling made me even more stupid.

Fortunately, I had some good friends around to encourage me, to help me get over it and start hoping again. Today I had some good time at the Saar-Spektakel, and hopefully during the next days it will be even more fun. So I do have feelings, and I do cry sometimes, thus “Smiling. Always” is maybe not the best name for my blog. Any other suggestions?

[Edited 2006-08-10: Added a drawing by Randall Munroe. Not how I feel but nice idea.]


6 Responses to Broken Heart

  1. irina ioana says:

    Îţi recomand sa asculţi Beatles… poate te face să te simţi mai bine.. Oricum, al tău SMILING a devenit brand, te defineşte.
    În plus, noi suntem ca niste copii inainte de serbare când e vorba de tine, ne şuşotim, dăm coate şi fugim de colo colo ca să iţi ţinem calea să nu cazi.


  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re doing it a wrong way – see :-p

  3. hritcu says:

    You are not the first to tell me this. There were many other to give me this kind of advice and I ignored it all. Why? Just because I cannot behave like someone else. I can only behave according to what I am and what I feel. No faking.

  4. Alex says:

    Things like these happen all the time, and we have to get used to that. It’s been a while since you posted this, but regardless of that, here is some reading material that you will find useful:

    simple relationship mathematics
    simple relationship physics

    The ability to look at non-technical things from a technical perspective can be very handy.

  5. photon2002 says:

    Exactly same thing happened with me a couple of days back! Now I am alll lost. Have been loving that girl for over 6 years. She just don’t feel for me man 🙂
    Newton’s 3rd law doesn’t hold true in love..sad news

  6. Alex says:

    Hey, I’m back, this time I am different – I’ve seen “Battlestar Galactica”, so what I am going to say now is “all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again” (-:

    Here are some updates since the time of our last intersection:
    Bug report

    The quest goes on.

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