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4 Responses to Nano-twins

  1. hritcu says:

    I left the post without words because my mac is (still) for repairs so I cannot try it. And making an ipod work with Linux is not that easy, especially when you don’t have any rights and tools like gtkpod crash every minute. Can anyone give me some hints about the file structure I need to create so that my mp3 files are usable?

  2. hritcu says:

    “Just copying your music files to the iPod won’t be enough to play them. In order to allow your iPod to find your music files, a special database (iTunesDB) needs to be updated. This step is usually done on Windows and Mac systems with the iTunes software, but unfortunately there is not a Linux version of iTunes (ask Apple!; the more request they get, the more likely they port iTunes to Linux).”

  3. hritcu says:

    As I suspected gtkpod crashing was caused by the ancient version of gtk installed here (the packages in Debian stable are extremely obsolete). Now (after more than 10 hours of trying) it finally works and I’m uploading some music.

  4. hritcu says:

    gtkpod crashed after 2h of uploading a dvd … before writing “the special database”. Now I can go and sleep.

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