Plans for Winter Semester 2006

This semester I will write my master thesis under the supervision of Jan Schwinghammer from the Programming Systems Lab. Getting good results there is my highest priority. However, there are also other activities I plan to do next semester.

First, I will tutor a specialized lecture in Language-based Security (Prof. Backes, Matteo Maffei) and that will take some of my time. Then, I plan to hear Verification (Prof. Hermanns). However, for both of these I don’t need credits, so no homeworks or exams for me there. And depending on the topics and on the schedule I might also hear parts of Automata, Games and Verification (Prof. Finkbeiner) and even some Advanced Cryptography (Prof. Backes).

Other than this I will give three talks about my thesis, two in the Programming Systems Lab Graduate Seminar (initial one on the 13th of November) and one in the IMPRS Seminar (8th of November), and I’m already learning new ways to combine Keynote and LaTeX for the slides.

On 16th and 17th of November I am invited to visit IBM Stuttgart and I don’t think I will skip this ocasion. Additionally, I will probably go on some of the one-day-trips that ZiS organizes (Trier, Bonn, Verdun) and try to relax every now and then.

[Slightly updated 2006-10-26, 2006-12-21]


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