New Absurd German Fee

What seemed a very bad joke is now reality in Germany. German state premiers have agreed on a monthly license fee for computers and cell phones that CAN access television and radio programs via the Internet. The new 5.52 euros fee is NOT for USING your computer or cell phone to watch TV, but just for possessing a device that could in principle be used for watching TV.


This kind of fees are supposed to guarantee the high-quality programs of the state-owned TV stations. But since I don’t watch TV as a principle, why should I care about this? This fee is imbecile and unjust, and I am just not going to comply, unless the penalty for doing this is death or going to jail. Nein, ich werde nicht GEZahlen! The greedy bastards from GEZ cannot enter my home without my permission, so they can just go f*** themselves.


2 Responses to New Absurd German Fee

  1. Marjan says:

    I don’t even understand german… why should I pay for it!?

  2. hritcu says:

    For high-quality german porn on ARD and ZDF, of course.

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