Hammy the Squirrel


Added 2006-12-08: I finally managed to beat my best running time. The previous best was 37 minutes, and I matched it at least four or five times. Today I improved by one whole minute, and hopefully I will go below 35 minutes soon. So running with imaginary friends like Hammy seems to pay off. I wonder if a little caffeine would help 🙂


5 Responses to Hammy the Squirrel

  1. […] of staying in home because of a prolonged flu, I finally went running again, and surprise: I beat my best running time by another whole minute, finally reaching 35 minutes. While physically I am surely not fitter than […]

  2. cielo says:

    I love hammy omc……….
    people say i look like hammy alittle thats pretty cool…..
    I act just like hammy too……!!!!!!yesssss suuuuuurrrrrrrrr

  3. femke says:

    das ne kei luek e eenkoorn :p:d

  4. armand says:

    hammy rocks <3..
    @cieo-people tink i look,act,and even run like hammy lol shuger+caffein=fun fun fun

  5. amy says:

    please may i use this image for my gcse coursework it will not be shown to nay but the examinor

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