ModBook: The Mac Tablet


While it’s unlikely that Apple will ever release a Mac tablet, soon there will be one: the ModBook. Planned to be released in April 2007 by Axiotron, the ModBook is the fusion of a MacBook with a Wacom tablet. Seems like a nice gadget, for those who can afford it ($2279-$2849). What I don’t like about the ModBook is that it can only be used as a tablet, with no way to open it, rotate the screen and use it as a normal laptop. For it’s size this is quite strange. Do they expect you to carry both your tablet and your laptop with you every day?

[2007-01-23] Looked for alternatives to this thing: they are called “Interactive Pen Displays” and it seems they are a lot cheaper (unless you really want this 21” one). Sure, they are not sporks, so no MacBook included.

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