uml2svg-0.18 Released

After 10 months of silence we are pleased to announce that uml2svg 0.18 was just released. As promised, it is just focused on fixing some annoying bugs. We also updated the documentation and the website, and we fixed the online transformation service — we found another place to host it so that it works once again. However, because of an unexpected and unacceptably long downtime of the shell server we are unable to update our website accordingly.

( 2007-02-16 12:34:12 – Project Shell Service ) 2007-02-12: The shell server was taken offline for unscheduled maintenance. Due to a need to replace the old hardware and some unforeseen problems in getting the new hardware setup, we estimate that the shell service may not return until the 21st of February. We apologize for the inconvenience.

[Updated 2007-02-23] The problems on were fixed and we could update everything. Enjoy!

[Updated 2007-03-01] Thanks to Stephane Galland we now have Debian/Ubuntu packages of uml2svg 0.18 available for download on Arakhnê.org

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