UML Plugin for XWiki

Yesterday I got the idea of making an UML plugin for XWiki based on uml2svg. But since there was the need for a new uml2svg release I could put this in practice only today. Developing XWiki plugins is not as easy as it could be (more about this later), however it was as easy as I originally expected. Also things are not yet quite polished so I need to test and document the plugin before I can submit it. However, as you can see it already works:

Entering a UML macro in XWiki

UML diagram in XWiki

3 Responses to UML Plugin for XWiki

  1. […] illustration I will use my own, yet unreleased, UML Plugin. This plugin allows users to attach their UML diagrams to a page, and then display them in the […]

  2. Georg Weber says:

    Hello Catalin,

    I am interested in this plugin. Did You manage to finish it ? If not, any chance to contribute ?

  3. hritcu says:

    No, I never released the plugin. Even worse, I am not able to find the source code for it. However the instructions here should allow you to recreate everything easily, at least if the plugin “architecture” is still the same mess (this I don’t know).

    What I could find is the XWiki “application” that I used to distribute the data needed by the plugin (sent it to Georg, if anyone else needs it let me know)

    If you get it working and you want to contribute it back to xwiki then write to devs aT xwiki DoT org. They can help you more than I can.

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