Mt. Fuji SL

Mt. Fuji SL


4 Responses to Mt. Fuji SL

  1. hritcu says:

    I promised someone a while ago that my next software project will be named Blue Dragonfly. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time for software development, so there was no new project to name this way … but now I have this is this nice blue bike I could name Blue Dragonfly. What do you think serbetel?

  2. serbetel says:

    Dragon/dragonfly…close, especially if we talk about Fuji and Japan. I am still waiting for the project :d

  3. hritcu says:

    Offf … Hard to have satisfy women no matter what 🙂

    It’s also blue, and will really fly … so perfect name. We can still discuss the software project naming issue only once I have a new one to name.

  4. daynie says:

    what a cute bicycle.. ^_^

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