Sharing the Mac Experience

Don’t know yet what causes this but I run over one more bug while trying to back up my data on DVDs today. Both finder and Toast Titanium fail with very strange error codes, some seconds after the burn process starts. Tried with more than one blank and with more than one source directory, with the same result. Also tried restarting finder and restarting my computer but it didn’t help.



Finder: Burn started, Sat Mar 3 09:48:57 2007
Finder: Burning to DVD+R media with DAO strategy in MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857 HBE4 via ATAPI.
Finder: Requested burn speed was 4x, actual burn speed is 4x.
Finder: Burn failed, Sat Mar 3 09:49:33 2007
Finder: Burn sense: 3/11/00 Medium Error, Unrecovered read error
Finder: Burn error: 0x8002006E The burn failed because of a medium write error.

Toast Titanium




[Added 2007-03-03 13:20]
After some “fixing” Finder does not write at all, on anything.


[Added 2007-03-03 14:00]
Installing Patchburn as hinted in the discussion here did not help.

[Added 2007-03-03 15:20]
This has nothing to do with the user preferences, since the problem also appears from a newly created user account.

[Added 2007-03-03 15:35]
Erasing and then burning a CD-RW worked fine, so this thing seems to be DVD-specific.



[Added 2007-03-03 15:55]
Tried burning a DVD blank on a different computer and it worked fine. This means it’s not the fault of the blanks.

[Added 2007-03-03 16:40]
Tried reading different kinds of DVDs. It seems that they work, with the notable exception of previously written Verbatim ones (the same as the ones I unsuccessfully try to write now), which are either ejected right away or spin for a while before being eventually ejected or just ignored.

[Added 2007-03-03 17:55]
Even after being rejected by my laptop, the blanks remain blank and writable.

[Added 2007-03-03 17:55]
Tried the “return to factory settings” and the “power, command, option, P, R” resets. No effect on this problem.

12 Responses to Sharing the Mac Experience

  1. Rene says:

    Out of curiosity, were you ever able to correct this error? I’ve been experiencing the same problem as well these past couple of days. Any input would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  2. hritcu says:

    No, the problem is still present. I think for me it’s a hardware problem so I am going to take my laptop today for repairs. Until now I had a thesis to write using it so I just had to live with it. Now I asked a friend to borrow me an external hard drive since, well, the DVD writer is not working and I need to back up my data first.

  3. hritcu says:

    As I expected, it was a hardware problem. Today I got it back from the repair shop and the DVD drive was replaced.

  4. hritcu says:

    Nope, I was wrong. It still does not work, even if they say they changed the drive. Now I reinstalled Mac OS X (but kept the data and programs) and the same failures still occur. I don’t know what to believe any more. I’ll call the repair shop tomorrow to ask them whether they really replaced my drive.

  5. Rene says:

    Thanks for the news. I find myself in a similar situation on vacation and about to return to the work force. I’d hate to send my laptop in for hardware repair without knowing the underlying issue. Please keep the internet updated, your blog seems to be the only reference point for this particular error message.

  6. hritcu says:

    Ok, I finally got the DVD drive changed. Everything works fine again now.

  7. fil says:

    and how?

  8. la pieuvre says:

    hi, i’ve the same problem, does it was a hardware failure?

  9. Elisaeth says:

    I saw your site when i google this error code. Do you have som explanation on why it didnt work when you got i back the first time? Did you change the burner twise?

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