The Latest Mac Bug Bugging Me

[Added 14:45 2007-03-26] Fixed by removing the ~/Library/Fonts/ directory and then clearing the font cache using Font Finagler. It appears that there were more versions of the same font installed in different places. So this was not just an user interface bug, but really a misconfiguration problem. The culprits were probably the Microsoft Web Fonts I installed using FontBook, but I don’t want to reproduce it again to test this theory.

This one is an extremely annoying one and it happens so often that … ok … calm down … upload screenshots.

It has something to do with the way text is rendered, it depends on the font, on the size, and on some random variable. It appears in all browsers I use (Firefox, Safari and Camino) and it affects not only the rendered content but also the window itself. It usually causes text to disappear, or just certain letters, or they don’t disappear but just they overlap very badly (like when typing this post in Safari), and it causes some WYSIWYG text editors embedded in a web page to become unusable in Firefox because cursor positioning totally breaks (WordPress and JavaBB, but not Google Mail). And yes, it’s happening all the time, even at the time I’m writing this.

Finally, this is most likely not related to antialiasing, and I couldn’t reproduce it in any application other than a web browser. Which is definitely strange, but most of the other applications I’m using frequently are Java applications anyway.

[Added 13:50 2007-03-26] Clearing the font cache using Font Finagler did not solve the problem. But it made it worse, a lot worse:





2 Responses to The Latest Mac Bug Bugging Me

  1. irio says:

    sue them!

  2. hritcu says:

    Even better, I fixed it 🙂

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