I Am Dreaming Too


Dream 1 (unclear). Two cats going in and out of a balcony. It’s high. I feel fear.

Dream 2. We are a group of young people in front of a high glass building holding some sort of competition. We shouldn’t be there. One of us unlocks the door to a glass elevator and takes it up very fast to the fourth floor and gets out. He feels confused. He should have went to the fifth floor. He takes the stairs to the fifth floor, gets on a small glass bridge going outside the building, pushes a button. The glass bridge starts falling towards the ground. When it almost reaches the ground it starts going really fast back up like a spring, and then back up fast, and then back down fast, then back up fast. I feel fear. The bridge stops where it started. He returns back to the elevator and tries to call it, to go down to the others. But the elevator was on the fourth floor and he forgot the key inside. It won’t come. He has to take the stairs again to the fourth floor, then the elevator down. When finally down, the others make fun of him for always forgetting. It was a race against the time. The guy who always forgets is me. I feel shame.

Dream 3. I’m with the girl from my dream in an underground train (metro). We are in a big hurry and there are a lot of people around. I’m jotting something on a small piece of paper. It’s a poem. She likes poems. When I’m finished I give it to her and she reads it aloud. It has only four verses and it’s quite lame (I don’t remember the poem). As we are going out of the train and up a staircase we are both thinking that the poem resembles something we have read before, but none of us can remember what. I can hear her thoughts, but she says nothing aloud about it. I take a left, and she takes a right, and we get lost in the crowd. I realize this and go back. I can still hear her thoughts and I can still “talk” with her this way. I’m trying to give directions to her by using my thoughts and she “hears” them, however so is “something” else. Something is following us, and I feel the danger while going around looking for her. We were not in a hurry, but running away from something. I see her and I start running towards her, but it’s only a mirror. I’m surrounded by many mirrors, and I’m trying to tell reflection from real. Finally, I see her for real, and run towards her. I feel happy.

I wake up and I start writing this while I still remember it. It must be because of the wine. I usually don’t remember my dreams, and when I do they are so lame and incomplete that they are not really worth remembering. Or even if they are nice, they are so personal that nobody else would understand them without a lot of help. However these ones I like, and hopefully they make some sense by themselves 🙂

One Response to I Am Dreaming Too

  1. irio says:

    But they are really nice:)
    and we can find out lots about you:P

    Take care!

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