Bikes are Like Girls

I was riding with her on the street, trying to teach her how to jump when it happened. I must have said something wrong, or maybe it was because I touched her front break in a way she didn’t like. It’s hard to tell now, but the fact is that the next moment I was plunging into the air, kissing the ground, with her landing over my head. Fortunately I was wearing a helmet so I’m still in one piece, otherwise it could have been a lot worse. My friends still recommended me to see a doctor for dinner, but I think it’s too early to date someone else. Even though she is with one of my friends now, maybe there is still a way we can go over this, get back together and make our relationship work.

Wanna see what she did to me?

catalin-hurt-01-small.jpg catalin-hurt-02-small.jpg

One Response to Bikes are Like Girls

  1. Elena says:

    Hahaha, nice analogy… I hope you get back together. There’s something special between a man and his wheels. 😉

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