Ad Astra: An Attempt to Help the Romanian Scientific Community

Ad Astra is a non-profit association that tries to promote high-quality research in Romania. I previously wrote about the ranking of the Romanian research universities maintained by Ad Astra, but there are many other nice things the association does in its attempt to help the Romanian scientific community.

Ad Astra publishes a journal twice per year containing reports on Romanian science, as well as papers on science and education policies. They also maintain a White Book of Romanian research in an attempt to showcase modern science, performed either in Romania or by Romanian scientists abroad.

Last but not least, Ad Astra aims at providing an open discussion forum on science and education policies, with the declared aim of presenting coherent reform proposals to the Romanian political establishment. They seem to act as a whistleblower for the chronic problems in the Romanian research and education system, about which everybody knows, but about which only very few try to do something. Here is a online petition for the resolution of some important problems of the Romanian research system.


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