The Status of the Romanian Research System (Translation, Draft)

Today we Romanians celebrate our national holiday. In a tradition that started last year when I translated muCommander to Romanian, I decided to do something that, even though very small, is still beneficial for my country. This time the translation goes from Romanian to English, and the source is an article by Razvan Florian about the current status of the Romanian research system. While the article puts my country is a rather negative light, I think it is an accurate description of reality, and should make an interesting read to foreigners interested in Romania.


Sadly, the Romanian research system is currently in a lamentable state. Its poor performance situates Romania behind most countries in Europe, and even behind some of the countries in Africa. This situation is caused not only by the insufficient funds allocated for research, but also by the poor organization of the research system and the inefficient distribution of funds, as a consequence of using evaluation criteria for research that encourage the production of rubbish, rather than valuable knowledge or technologies. The current material aims at presenting the current status of the Romanian research system, while making reference to more detailed materials produced by the “Transparency and objectivity in the management of Romanian research” project, funded by the European Union through the PHARE program and carried over by the Ad Astra association.

The Performance of Romanian Research

The Causes of the Current Situation


The Romanian research system has poor performance and suffers from severe problems, that are neither acknowledged, nor resolved by the government. Subjective criteria for evaluating research are promoted in a way that favors the embezzlement of the funds allocated to research by influence groups, for the production of rubbish, rather than new knowledge or technologies that could help the economical development of the country. As the amount of funds allocated to research increased and will continue to increase in the future, the distribution of these funds according to good international practice and to criteria that promote real performance could lead to a real improvement of the performance of Romanian research.

As you can see the translation is not yet complete. Also, even though I tried to maintain the meaning of the original text it’s hard to estimate how well I did. Feedback would be most welcome.


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