My First Students

Last week two of the students I supervise submitted their Bachelor’s Thesis. Both theses are about automatically generating executable code from abstract specifications of security protocols, however, the focus is quite different. While Alex worked on a very powerful tool that generates interoperable protocol implementations (to be released soon), Thorsten formalized a much simpler code generator and proved it to the preserve the security of the original protocol. In the future we would like of course to have both, the extensibility, flexibility and interoperability of Alex’ tool, with the same strong security guarantees as Thorsten proves for his generated code.

  • Expi2Java – An Extensible Code Generator for Security Protocols (Alex Busenius)
    Abstract: This thesis presents expi2java, an extensible code generator for security protocols. We use a variant of Spi calculus for the protocol specifications and complement it with an expressive type system that is designed to reject inconsistent protocols. This type system features subtyping and parametric polymorphism. It is able to handle the types of nested terms, specialized channels and even low-level term configurations. Expi2java is highly customizable, easily extensible and generates interoperable Java code. We show the flexibility of our approach by generating an implementation of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.
  • Spi2F# – A Prototype Code Generator for Security Protocols (Thorsten Tarrach)
    Abstract: This thesis describes a new prototype tool that automatically generates a secure F# implementation of any protocol described in the Spi calculus. Type systems were previously proposed for analysing the security of both Spi calculus processes and F# implementations. The thesis investigates a formal translation from the Spi calculus to F# that is proved to preserve typability, and therefore the security properties of the original protocol are preserved.

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