Stumbling on Happiness

Read Dan Gilbert's “Stumbling on Happiness” with Beate about a year ago. We both found it found very insightful and enjoyed it a lot. Tonight I saw Gilbert's TED talk and remembered once again how nice his book is 🙂

Stumbling on Happiness

A funny quote from the TED talk:

Okay. There’s something important to be learned from these people, and it is the secret of happiness. Here it is, finally to be revealed.

  1. accrue wealth, power, and prestige, then lose it.
  2. spend as much of your life in prison as you possibly can.
  3. make somebody else really, really rich.
  4. never ever join the Beatles.

One Response to Stumbling on Happiness

  1. hritcu says:

    Ah, and I forgot to mention: this is *not* a self-help book! It doesn’t “teach” you how to be happy, but teaches you what happiness is and how it works.

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