Bert’s Fish Soup


  • Vegetables: Bell peppers, parsley, fenel, celery sticks, leek, chives, garlic
  • Fish stock (you can make it yourself by cooking some fish heads for a couple of hours; you can also make it from shrimp shells otherwise)
  • Rouille (you can find it online or in French supermarkets; you can also make it yourself from Mayonnaise, garlic, and spices)
  • Fish fillets without bones and skin (cod, plaice, flounder, tilapia)
  • Scallops
  • Shrimps or prawn
  • (optional) Croutons
  • (optional) Grated cheese (e.g. Emmentaler, Gruyère or Parmesan)

Wash, cut and boil the vegetables in a big pot with not too much water. While the vegetables are boiling, pan sear the fish and scallops with butter and Cogniac in the pan and add them round after round to the boiling pot. If the shrimps are red then they are already cooked, so add them like that to the soup, if the shrips are gray then sear them first until they get red. Add the fish stock to the pot, and make it hot but without boiling it. Serve hot with croutons and grated cheese. Dissolve the Rouille into the bowl or spread it on the croutons.

Here are more photos.

One Response to Bert’s Fish Soup

  1. retete says:

    Chiar ieri am luat niste creveti decorticati ca sa incerc si eu o supa de fructe de mare.. Spre rusinea mea este pentru prima oara cand incerc o asemenea supa. Sper sa nu regret ca nu am folosit crevetii in alt fel :))

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