The Future of Protective Clothing

December 9, 2007

d3o is a lightweight material that is very flexible and malleable, until subjected to abrupt force, making it useful in protective clothing in situations where the wearer may be exposed to blunt trauma. Developed by the British company d3o Lab.

Sky News reporter smacking man over the head with a shovel.

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Life’s tough … Get a helmet !!

April 14, 2007


Bikes are Like Girls

April 4, 2007

I was riding with her on the street, trying to teach her how to jump when it happened. I must have said something wrong, or maybe it was because I touched her front break in a way she didn’t like. It’s hard to tell now, but the fact is that the next moment I was plunging into the air, kissing the ground, with her landing over my head. Fortunately I was wearing a helmet so I’m still in one piece, otherwise it could have been a lot worse. My friends still recommended me to see a doctor for dinner, but I think it’s too early to date someone else. Even though she is with one of my friends now, maybe there is still a way we can go over this, get back together and make our relationship work.

Wanna see what she did to me?
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Mt. Fuji SL

February 23, 2007

Mt. Fuji SL

I want to ride my bicycle …

March 14, 2006

… I want to ride my bike. So yes, I have a bike now, bought it yesterday from a friend of mine who built it by himself. It is a custom made mountain bike, and best of all it is BLUE. Today I’m going on a trip to Strasbourg so no bicycle. But tomorrow …