Community vs. Corporation and Corrupt Politicians

February 9, 2014


Moving to Paris

July 24, 2013

It’s official (for a while now, but the blog is constantly neglected): we’re moving to Paris on the 1st of October! After a strenuous academic job search in Europe that started last October, things are finally settled: I accepted a researcher position at INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt. The position is called  “chargé de recherche (CR)” in French, is permanent, and seems to offer perfect job security (French civil servant position). And given that this is INRIA, the competition was fierce, and also painful, since some of the competitors are good friends, who are, as US people might put it, at least as awesome as I am.

The INRIA team I’ll be joining focuses on security (security protocols and web security in particular). And to make things even better, the team is located at Place d’Italie in the center of Paris. We already got a short-term lease for an apartment that’s close to Place d’Italie for the first 2 months, but getting a long term lease in Paris afterwards is going to be a big challenge. Beate’s French skills will help a lot, and I hope to start learning French really soon now (at the moment I only know a tiny bit of culinary French).

Anyway, starting on Friday we’re going on a big adventure trip to many cool US national parks (Zion, Grand Canyon, Bryce, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Glacier) and taking the last chance to enjoy the wonderful nature here. Our stay in the US was awesome, but we are also very happy to return to our many cool friends and family in Europe. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

The German Ball Game

June 16, 2012

Source: Games to train and relax body and mind by Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths, 1796
Translation by: Beate Brockmann
For further understanding and terminology check this out.

2. The German Ball Game

This game which has not yet been described anywhere merits very well a detailed description. It is not my goal to be entertaining in this endeavor – try just to understand these dry explanations, entertainment will be found in practicing.

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Inside Job

February 28, 2011

Inside Job, a great documentary about the financial crisis by Charles H. Ferguson. The film won the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature yesterday.

Crises of Capitalism

January 4, 2011

Here is a cool animated talk about the Crises of Capitalism. While the talk gives a quite surprising perspective on the current crisis, it starts with a very cool review of the explanations others have given for it.

Bert’s Fish Soup

December 11, 2010


  • Vegetables: Bell peppers, parsley, fenel, celery sticks, leek, chives, garlic
  • Fish stock (you can make it yourself by cooking some fish heads for a couple of hours; you can also make it from shrimp shells otherwise)
  • Rouille (you can find it online or in French supermarkets; you can also make it yourself from Mayonnaise, garlic, and spices)
  • Fish fillets without bones and skin (cod, plaice, flounder, tilapia)
  • Scallops
  • Shrimps or prawn
  • (optional) Croutons
  • (optional) Grated cheese (e.g. Emmentaler, Gruyère or Parmesan)

Wash, cut and boil the vegetables in a big pot with not too much water. While the vegetables are boiling, pan sear the fish and scallops with butter and Cogniac in the pan and add them round after round to the boiling pot. If the shrimps are red then they are already cooked, so add them like that to the soup, if the shrips are gray then sear them first until they get red. Add the fish stock to the pot, and make it hot but without boiling it. Serve hot with croutons and grated cheese. Dissolve the Rouille into the bowl or spread it on the croutons.

Here are more photos.

Mișcarea Verzilor

October 9, 2010

Un nou partid pentru o Românie mai curată: Mișcarea Verzilor!

Lansare Mișcarea Verzilor

Lansare Mișcarea Verzilor

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