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July 14, 2009




November 6, 2008




September 28, 2008


September 1, 2008

They say a picture is worth 1.000 words, so here is a 2.000.000-words-worth collection of pictures I took in the nicest holidays I had for a very long time.


Disclaimer. The quality Picasa displays online is absolutely horrible, for which I apologize. I usually scale down the pictures myself at reasonable quality, but this seems to no longer help — Picasa now scales them one more time and compresses them so much it destroys them. One thing that might work is downloading the albums you want to see as a whole using the Picasa client for Windows.


July 25, 2008

Smile Shutter

July 12, 2008

Found out about a funny feature in some of the new cameras from Sony: the Smile Shutter. It can measure the smile of your subjects and take a picture only they are properly smiling.

Smile Shutter

I wonder whether I can go over 100% 🙂 One of my friends has such a camera, so we will give it a try soon. Hope it doesn’t explode 🙂

I also wonder about the future evolution of this feature; what is it going to do? Detect fake smiles? sarcastic smiles? evil smiles? wistful smiles? retail smiles? stewardess smiles? …

(I found out about this feature from the blog of a friend)


July 1, 2008