Master’s Thesis

From November 2006 until the middle of May 2007 I wrote my Master’s thesis under the supervision of Jan Schwinghammer from the Programming Systems Lab.

Step-indexed Semantic Model of Types for the Functional Object Calculus.

Step-indexed semantic models of types were proposed as an alternative to the purely syntactic proofs of type safety using subject-reduction. This thesis introduces a step-indexed model for the functional object calculus, and uses it to prove the soundness of an expressive type system with object types, subtyping, recursive and bounded quantified types.

Thesis (623.8KB PDF)

PSLab – Final talk – 21nd of June, 2007: slides
IMPRS PhD Application – 26th of February, 2007: slides, notes, handout
PSLab – Intermediate talk – 22nd of February, 2007: slides, notes
PSLab – Initial talk – 13th of November, 2006: slides, notes
IMPRS Master Seminar – 8th of November 2006: slides, notes



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