Language-based Security Tutorial

Schedule and Topics

My Office Hour
Tuesday 10:00 – 11:00, Building E1.1, Room U18

Here are some details about the Language-based Security tutorial (the authoritative source of information remains the website of the lecture). The tutorial takes place every Wednesday from 9:15 to 10:45 (the lecture is given immediately afterwards – 11:15 to 12:45), and every second week we have a 20 minutes quiz. The quizzes count for 30% of the final grade, and the worst graded quiz is not considered for the final grade. An average of 50% in the quizzes is required to be accepted in the final exam.

One more thing which is not very common around here is that tutorials start on the first week. Immediately after the first lecture, we will do very basic things related to the lambda calculus and operational semantics. Things like the inductive definitions of terms and derivations, recursively defined functions, structural recursion on terms and derivations. We will also gain more intuition and try out examples about the basics of lambda calculus (concrete vs abstract syntax, capture-avoiding substitutions, values, stuckness, divergence). Sure, many won’t need this kind of introduction, but remember that tutorials are optional (unless there is a quiz). And I think it will be very useful for those who have never seen a lambda in their whole life.

Additional Reading (To be extended)
These are just papers I enjoyed reading while preparing for this tutorial. They are not reading material required for this lecture.


Type Systems

Information-flow Security

Typed Assembly Language

Proof-carrying code

Practical Stuff



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  1. I want to interested to work on assembly language. It is complex but best programing language……….

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