The German Ball Game

June 16, 2012

Source: Games to train and relax body and mind by Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths, 1796
Translation by: Beate Brockmann
For further understanding and terminology check this out.

2. The German Ball Game

This game which has not yet been described anywhere merits very well a detailed description. It is not my goal to be entertaining in this endeavor – try just to understand these dry explanations, entertainment will be found in practicing.

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The Saarbrücken Graduate School in Computer Science

December 11, 2010
  • An integrated program from BSc or MSc to PhD
  • Top-notch academic and research training in computer science
  • Unparalleled concentration of computer science research expertise in Europe
  • International program run entirely in English
  • Scholarships and other forms of financial support
  • Next application deadline: 29 April 2011 uptake Winter Semester 2011/12 (October)
  • More information at

Intel Visual Computing Institute in Saarbrücken

May 26, 2009

Intel Corporation is investing $12 million to create a new research center that will explore advanced graphics and visual computing technologies. Opened May 12, the Intel Visual Computing Institute is located in Saarbrücken. The investment, to be made over 5 years, represents Intel’s largest European university collaboration.

Link: Intel Visual Computing Institute website

Junior Research Groups at Saarland University

September 28, 2008

Saarland University is seeking to establish several junior research groups within the recently established Cluster of Excellence “Multimodal Computing and Interaction.” Here is the official announcement.

Multimodal Computing and Interaction


September 1, 2008

They say a picture is worth 1.000 words, so here is a 2.000.000-words-worth collection of pictures I took in the nicest holidays I had for a very long time.


Disclaimer. The quality Picasa displays online is absolutely horrible, for which I apologize. I usually scale down the pictures myself at reasonable quality, but this seems to no longer help — Picasa now scales them one more time and compresses them so much it destroys them. One thing that might work is downloading the albums you want to see as a whole using the Picasa client for Windows.

Visited the Local Brewery

April 17, 2008

Bruch - Der Bierbrauer

This morning I went with my office mate and some of his student residence mates to the Bruch brewery very close to my home. We found out more about the Bruch family business, we were thoroughly explained how beer is brewed, we did a tour of the brewery, we ate, and finally we drank a lot of Bruch bier (Bruch’s No1). Then I returned home and slept during the day. This was exactly what I needed after the recent deadlines 🙂

Computer Science Research in Saarbrücken Gets More Funding

October 20, 2007

Saarland excelency proposals accepted

Both excellence proposals in Computer Science coming from Saarbrücken were accepted. One proposal concerns a new graduate school which will encompass all graduate education in Computer Science at Saarland University. The other is about a new “Multimodal Computing and Interaction” excellence cluster which will host 20 new research groups. Happy, happy, joy, joy 🙂

Press release in English